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Denver Engagement Photography: CO Winter Snow & Belmar

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Tosha & Jason’s Engagement Picture Preview

Denver, CO engagement photographer

Denver, CO engagement photographer

One chilly Saturday morning I met Tosha & Jason at Belmar shopping center for a photo date.  We started with some pictures around the modern buildings of Belmar then headed to Lakewood Heritage Park to romp in the snow. I had not done pictures in Belmar before, so I was super excited to do something new and different. Tosha had spotted this red barn before and always wanted to do some pictures next to it, which worked out great for our photo shoot.   We also got lucky that the clouds parted enough to give us a couple of shots with the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the background.  I could see during our photo date how opposite this couple is…Tosha loves to model, is outgoing and girly.  While Jason is quiet and probably not nearly as excited to get up early on a Saturday morning to have his picture taken.  But together they were a perfect team, opposites do attract, and you can see how perfect Tosha & Jason are for each other.  I’m looking forward to documenting Tosha & Jason’s wedding day at The Wellshire Event Center in Denver, Colorado this May.

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