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Denver Wedding Photographer: Jessica & Jeff at Blackstone Country Club

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Rain or Shine: Jessica & Jeff’s Picture Preview

Wedding at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado

Wedding at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado

You can plan your wedding for years, have everything scheduled and ready for the big day, but there’s one thing you just can’t ever guarantee- the weather!  Well, at least not in Colorado, I guess in Hawaii it could be more predictable.   As many fingers as we crossed hoping for perfect weather for Jessica & Jeff’s wedding day, it was far from it with chilly wind & lots of rain.  But despite the rain Jessica & Jeff handled it very well & were total troopers!  When I told the venue manager that we still wanted to take the golf cart out for pictures she probably thought I was kidding…after all who goes out on a muddy wet golf course in their wedding dress before their wedding?  Now before you say “how dare could that photographer allow that!?”  do know that I came equipped with waterproof camera bags, rain jackets, and a large umbrella for the bride & groom.  I knew how important it was to the bride to have some outdoor pictures so I also arrived at the venue early that day to find some cleaner and not so wet spots for their portraits that was far from any dress destroying mud.  And thanks to Jessica & Jeff’s spirit & the helping hands of my assistant, it was quite a success!   Notice the shot below- clean concrete, a tunnel for coverage, and the bride is posed holding up her dress to keep the train clean.

artistic unique wedding pictures

Artistic unique wedding pictures at Blackstone Country Club

Thankfully the Blackstone Country Club is a gorgeous place for weddings, inside or out. They have a beautiful grand hall with large chandeliers and a formal yet artistic decor that works great for a backup ceremony site.

One thing I truly loved about Jessica & Jeff’s wedding day was all the heartfelt emotion.  From the moment Jessica put on her stunning Maggie Sottero wedding gown, the tears & smiles didn’t stop.  The emotion of the day was amplified when not only the groom saw Jessica for the first time, but when her mom & dad got their first peak too. During their wedding ceremony their officiant told personal stories about the couple that had all the guests covered in grins & tears, and even made me even want to cry. Everyone was overcome with joy for this couple.  The love and energy that filled Blackstone could have brightened any rainy day.

wedding at Blackstone Country Club

candid of father of the bride before the ceremony at Blackstone Country Club

After the ceremony, as I was finishing up the family pictures, I noticed that the sun was finally starting to peak back out and the rain was ending.  Luckily I was able to get through all the family pictures fast enough for one more quick photo shoot out on the golf course with the bride & groom.  The sun was setting, the air had actually warmed up, and I can’t tell you how happy we were to have this opportunity to go back outside for pictures, check out one of my favorites from this magical moment below.

pictures at sunset at Blackstone Country Club

pictures at sunset at Blackstone Country Club

What I also loved about their wedding was everyone’s laid-back, let’s have a good time attitude!  After the ceremony the bride & groom hit up the dance floor as if they owned it!  Even the DJ, who has done hundreds of weddings with The DJ Guy, was impressed by the dancing & especially by Jessica and her father’s fun and quick dance moves.

fun creative wedding details

fun creative wedding details

Their wedding details were also kept light, colorful, and fun with bright red roses & diamond bouquets by Bloom’in Bee, a unique wedding cake with a picture of them in the middle by Cakeheads Bakery, and  Colorado “Meant to Bee” honey favors.  And Jessica & Jeff’s wedding reception was a hoot!  (did I really just say “hoot?”)  Not only did the DJ and lots of energetic guests keep the dance floor hopping, but the DJ taught the crowd how to do Micheal Jackson’s “Thriller” which ended with the whole dance floor bowing down to the bride.  I’m sure if the bride didn’t already feel like a star, this unexpected act certainly made her feel special!  And for his garter toss Jeff, a huge football fan, put a Detroit Lions garter over a football which he threw into his crowd of single friends.  That’s certainly a way to get the guys to want to catch the garter!  Oh, and I can’t leave out Magnolia Photo Booth, the guests absolutely LOVED putting on silly costumes and taking  LOTS of goofy pictures.  And thankfully Kevin with Stalls Video Productions was also there to document it all unfold.  Play the slideshow below to see more pictures from Jessica & Jeff’s wedding at Blackstone Country Club.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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