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Engagement Photo Shoot – Colfax St. & Denver City Park

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

This past weekend I met up with Tatiana & Joaquin on Colfax St. for the start of their engagement session. Yes, I did say Colfax St., which does have a reputation for hookers and bums, but…it is secretly one of my favorite spots! Not for those reasons, but because of all the colors and unique shops, and great music venues! Anyway…we had a blast! Tatiana & Joaquin are both big photography fans, so I could tell they were really into the shoot. After Colfax St. we went to Denver City Park and finished off with some beautiful sunset photos. I played around with a couple of new effects during editing, so if you like it or not let me know what you think. Thank you Tatiana & Joaquin for being such great sports, I can’t wait for the wedding next October at the beautiful Blackstone Country Club!

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