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Megan & Darcey Picture Preview – Colorado Wedding at Canongate

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Megan & Darcey Picture Preview – Wedding at Canongate Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, CO

wedding at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, CO

Megan & Darcey had a beautiful wedding at Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, CO.   After photographing over a hundered weddings you would think I would have seen it all.  But every wedding is different from the last & Megan & Darcey certainly added their own unique twist to their day.  This bride certainly has style with amazing dresses chosen for herself & bridesmaids, unique flower arrangements, and my favorite….the hip hop violinist that performed for the ceremony & the reception.  Megan & Darcey also skipped many of the traditional dances & bouquet tosses in exchange for more time to just hang out & dance with their guests…and more time for toasts.  It’s funny the things I learn about my clients during the toasts, and this bride & groom certainly had a lot of people that wanted to talk about them…in a good way of course!  This was a day Megan, Darcey & their families had been waiting for for a long time for, and I was honored to get to be a part of it. Congrats Megan & Darcey on a successful & beautiful wedding celebration!  Click the link below to view their picture preview.

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