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Picture Preview:Wedding at the Westin in Westminster, CO

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Wedding at the Westin in Westminster

Wedding at the Westin in Westminster

Kimmy just moved to the US a few weeks ago to be with the man she loves.  And in two weeks (yes, you read that correctly, 2 weeks!),  she booked her venue, found Rev. Lucinda to marry them, Das Meyer to create a beautiful cake, me to document it, & they tied the knot!  About a dozen of their closest friends & family members came together for an intimate wedding ceremony at The Westin in Westiminster, Colorado.  The staff at the Westin did a great job assisting with these last minute arrangements, the Reverend performed a beautiful ceremony, and in the end everything came together perfectly….including the beautiful bride & groom.  Play the slideshow below to see their picture preview. [mbspremium slideshow=1]

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