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Wedding Pictures from Red Lion Restaurant in Boulder, Colorado

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Anika & Chad’s wedding was like a perfect scene from a romantic comedy set amongst the beautiful foothills of Boulder.  They had me in tears, the guests in laughter, and the wedding vendors excited about all the unique details, like the mountain climbing cake toppers.   I have met with Anika & Chad numerous times over the past year so I was quite excited when their wedding day finally came around.   I knew when Anika & Chad started jumping in water fountains during their engagement session around Denver that I was in for a fun wedding day!   They thankfully didn’t jump in the raging river waters, but  certainly knew how to have a good time and the DJ kept them dancing all night.  It was the kind of wedding that reminded me why I love my job so much & made me anxious to kiss my husband when I got home. I even had to warn my new intern and the novice coordinator working with us not to get used to this…because weddings this simple, easy, and 30 minutes ahead of schedule is not the norm!  However, I must say that not only was the family great to work with but if it was not for the awesome crew of professionals then things may not have come so easily.  I must give a BIG thanks to Anika & Chad for sharing such an incredible day with me & for trusting all the vendors I recommended – amazing flowers from Tussie MussieRed Lion Restaurant, DJ on Demand, & Brier Grimes for help holding it all together with her fab coordinating skills!  And it certainly helped me to have my awesome intern Andrea & amazing 2nd shooter Molly whom did an incredible job, still crawling on the ground for the perfect shot at 5 months pregnant!  I had so many incredible shots from their wedding that I also posted more in my Face book photo album.

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