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Colorado Engagement Photography: Amanda & Chuck’s Picture Preview

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Amanda & Chuck are big fans of the Colorado Rocky Mountains & the great outdoors.  So for there engagement session I met them at their home in Broomfield and then we drove west into the mountains were we found some great spots for pictures.  In the shade it was quite windy & chilly, but Amanda & Chuck were great sports & didn’t let the windchill get to them.  Amanda & Chuck took a drive out here a few days before the shoot & were lucky enough to be welcomed into the home of a local that lives up the mountain with spectacular views around his house.  He invited them to come back for the photo shoot, and we borrowed his patio for sunset, which we were extremely thankful for.  I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding this summer in Broomfield…and even more so now that they told me their reception music will focus around trance & techno  (a wedding with more unique tunes then the typical  “YMCA” & “Electric Slide” is always a big plus in my book!).

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