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Denver Engagement Picture Preview: Ashleigh & Evan at R.E.I.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

R.E.I. downtown Denver engagement session

R.E.I. downtown Denver engagement session

Ashleigh & Evan will be getting married in just a few months at the Mile High Station in downtown Denver.  Ashleigh & Evan both love the outdoors & architecture, so R.E.I. was a great fit for their engagement session in Denver.  In the heart of Denver it’s surrounded by great photo spots with Aspen trees, a river, bridge, train tracks, ect…all nearby.   Ashleigh & Evan both went to Texas Tech so they brought along an outfit full of red and TT paraphernalia.  Ashleigh also brought a few props such as a large frame, an “&” sign, “I Do” letters, and a large fake diamond ring which was fun to play with and added some unique elements to the photo shoot.  Play the slideshow below to see more shots from their engagement photo session.

[mbspremium slideshow=1]

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