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Denver Engagement Pictures- Beer Brewery Date

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Kristin & Alex: A Fun Photo Date around Downtown Denver

by CO Photographer Nicole Nichols

For my couple photo sessions, my goal is to create a fun unique date experience with awesome pictures to remember it by!

Fun Engagement Photography Date at Denver Breweries

Fun Engagement Photography Date at Denver Breweries

Kristin lives in Chicago & Alex lives in Indianapolis,  so they were only in town for a few days to plan their wedding.  So they wanted to enjoy their time together as much as possible, and just have fun!  One of their personal favorite things to do is try out local brewed beers.  So perfect, I took them brewery hopping!   Coming from out of state so they are not really familiar with all the different bars & breweries around Denver, so I did some research and found a few great spots in advance.  At one of our stops the bartender kindly wrote “Kristin & Alex” on the menu board (see picture above) and even let us take some pictures in their back warehouse….it definitely helped  that it was a slower Monday, I wouldn’t have been so lucky on a Friday night!   Turns out Kristin & Alex like board games, so we also had to throw in a few shots of them competing against each other.

Unique Engagement Pictures Downtown Denver

Unique Engagement Pictures Downtown Denver

One of the breweries was along the Arts District on Santa Fe, so I couldn’t resist taking a few shots amongst the colorful walls.  Then we found a game of corn-hole, and of course some more beer, at the next bar.  Not only was it a really fun photo shoot date, but the weather was steaming hot that day, so it was a relief to have some indoor locations planned out.  We didn’t make it to all the Denver breweries on my list…but that was probably a good thing, too much beer on a hot day does not always equal pretty pictures.  😉

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