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Destination Wedding Photographer: St.Patrick’s Day in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

French Quarter Chapel Wedding Picture

Wedding Picture Preview:

Julie & Shelby’s Destination Wedding in New Orleans by Nicole Nichols

Julie & Shelby were not originally particularly drawn to St. Patrick’s Day for any reason….but they will forever be now!  They met on St. Patrick’s Day, got engaged on St.Patrick’s Day, so it only made sense to also get married on St. Patrick’s Day! In a very short amount of time Julie & Shelby planned an amazing wedding day, and with only 2 weeks notice got me on board & to New Orleans!  The bride & groom and their eleven guests flew in from all over the country for their destination wedding in one of their favorite American cities, New Orleans.  They stayed in the French Quarter at the vintage Creole House, a part of the St.Peter House Hotel.  Julie & Shelby got ready at their hotel then skipped on to the French Quarter Chapel to pick up the bouquet and meet their reverend.  We did a couple of fun shots around the French Quarter Chapel and then it was time for their wedding ceremony at the Armstrong Park (created in honor of one of my favorite musicians Louis Armstrong). The last time I was at Armstrong Park was over a decade ago and it used to be a scruffy park that you didn’t dare enter after dark.  I was amazed to see the park’s beautiful face lift, with numerous water fountains, modern sculptures, and cool bridges.  It’s usually really hard to find a quite area of the French Quarter open to the public, and this park was right by their hotel yet far enough away to avoid drunk tourists or crazy locals.  They held the ceremony on a bridge as the sun set in the background and their closest friends and family witnessed their devotion of love to each other.   It turned out to be the perfect spot for their wedding. Their celebration continued on with pictures on cop cars (see below) and a romantic horse carriage ride through the French Quarter.  Everyone then met for dinner at the famous Jackson Square restaurant, Muriel’s.  I was honored when Julie & Shelby invited me to stay for dinner (how could you turn down Muriel’s).  Wedding dinners are always fun, there’s great stories to hear, toasts to capture, and the best part….the cake!  Also, the more I think about it, the more important I think it is to document the food (especially in New Orleans), and for the couple to remember their first meal as husband and wife.  You never know, one day we may be eating square pills for dinner and you will be looking at your wedding album with your grand-kid saying, “look what we used to eat!” I love documenting small destination weddings like Julie & Shelby’s. Destination weddings are usually much more smaller & personal, laid-back, unique, and there’s always more time for pictures! Thank you Julie & Shelby for inviting me to share this special day with you!

New Orleans Destination Wedding Photographer

A green painted fingernail & a streak of purple hair for the wedding day

French Quarter Chapel Wedding Picture

French Quarter Chapel Wedding Picture by Destination Wedding Photographer Nicole Nichols

Armstrong Park wedding pictures

Wedding Ceremony in Armstrong Park in New Orleans, La

Wedding Ceremony at Louis Armstrong Park

Having fun with the police! thank you cop for letting us borrow your car

Louis Armstrong Park & Muriel's Restaurant by Destination Wedding Photographer

I could see in their eyes how much they adore each at Louis Armstrong Park & in front of Muriel's Restaurant

Wedding Details at Muriel's

I love this cake topper they found in the French Quarter!....................................................................taken at Muriel's Restaurant by Destination Wedding Photographer Nicole Nichols

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