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Halloween: Time for Love…and a Scare…in a Pumpkin Patch!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Engagement Picture Preview: Molly & James Celebrate Love & Halloween in Colorado

A Love Scare in a Corn Maze

Halloween Engagement Pictures in a Pumkin Patch

Halloween Engagement Pictures in a Pumpkin Patch

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I got really excited when Molly first came to me with the idea of doing her engagement pictures in a pumpkin patch, and I knew just the right place! Molly & James were so fun to work with, they were really laid back and had lots of creative ideas. They weren’t afraid of experimenting with my ideas either, even if it involved barbed wire (play slideshow below to see that one!). We may have had to do a little sneaking around this farm into closed off corn mazes, but the scariest part of the day was just dealing with Denver traffic, ughhh! Reminds me how lucky I am that my normal work day does not involve rush hour and I can leave my car parked & untouched for days at a time. Anyway, these two artists met doing what they love, tattooing, and certainly have a lot of fun creative ideas in mind for their wedding day. Unique & artistic engagement sessions like this one really inspire me and get me even more stoked for the wedding….which will be held on the Day of the Dead, Nov. 2nd 2012. They haven’t found the right venue yet, but I’m glad they found me, as I’m sure their wedding day will be killer!

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