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Picture Preview: New Orleans Portraits in the French Quarter

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

French Quarter Portraits

New Orleans French Quarter portraits by photographer Nicole Nichols Photography

Portrait Picture Preview: Denise & Daniel on Vacation in New Orleans, Louisiana

Denise & Daniel have been married for a few years and living in Louisville, Kentucky. And when planning their recent trip to New Orleans they realized it has been a few years, since their wedding, when they last had their portraits taken by a professional photographer. So they thought what better time to do that then on a relaxing vacation in one of the cities they love the most- New Orleans…and I couldn’t agree more! A lot of people put off the idea of doing a photo session because their daily life is so hectic its just hard to find the time. So why not do it while you are on vacation, in a unique place you love, where the daily hustle & bustle is gone and you can take all the time you want to just roam around, enjoy life, and then have some amazing pictures to remember it by!  I so wish I would have had this idea when my husband and I took a trip to Italy about a month ago.  The only picture I have of my husband & I in Italy involves my outstretched hand holding the camera in front of us….not at all flattering shots. Play the slideshow below to see some of my favorite pictures from Daniel & Denise’s photo session involving a walk around the New Orleans French Quarter starting from the St.Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square to the levee of the Mississippi River for sunset.  And for anyone else planning a trip to the Gulf Coast, I will be traveling back to New Orleans, as well as to Destin, Florida, for some photography work in November & December.

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