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Wedding Photography Update – Wedding Albums…the good, the funny, the whoops!

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Wedding season has officially come to an end (last one of was last week, has been a long late season this year!) but wedding album season is in full swing! In case you wonder what us wedding photographers do when we’re not shooting & editing…we’re working on print orders & especially wedding albums, books, stories, whatever you prefer to call it. I love this part of my job, because not only do I get to collage all these amazing photos together into a custom designed story, but I get to relive the fun of the wedding day and share that story with the world…or with the bride & groom at the very least. Then it really gets fun after 20+ hours of production comes to fruition when the albums are printed and the images really come to life!

wedding albums

Even though on my computer monitor I can zoom in on an image to the tiniest pixel…and yes sometimes I really have to view each little tiny pixel to retouch that bra strap or hair popping out of place…but even so, once you see the image in print you see so much more then you ever noticed before! Like when I notice that guest in the background winking at his date, or the reflection of the crying mom peeping through the mirror on the wall. It’s sometimes those little things in the background that don’t go through my Photoshop retouching zoom that give me the biggest laugh or gasp when I see it in print. And yes, sometimes that means reprinting an image because that pixel that blended away on my computer monitor prints as a white mark on the groom’s face….or that fancy script font that looked great in the design, we now see in print was misspelled on the cover of 2 wedding albums! Yea, that happened to me today, not cool when you got to eat hundreds of dollars in reprinting costs…but alas that is the cost of business. =P The bride, my assistant, and myself all missed that one till it was printed, whoops! Click on an image below to check out just some of the wedding album designs I’ve been working on, and please let me know if you see anything spelled wrong 😉

Wedding Story Tatiana Joaquin

Colorado wedding story

Stacy Jeremy Wedding Album

New Orleans wedding album proof

Cassie Cameron Wedding Album Proof

Denver wedding album proof

Jonathan Jeremie Wedding Story

New Orleans wedding album

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