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Wedding Picture Preview – Cassi & Cameron at Jonesy’s Eat Bar in Denver, CO

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Best Wedding Pictures from Cassie & Cameron's wedding day at Jonesy's Bar in Downtown Denver, CO by Colorado photographer Nicole Nichols Photography

Jonesy's Bar in Downtown Denver

Wedding at Jonesy's Bar in Downtown Denver, CO

Wedding Pictures Jonesy's Bar in Downtown Denver

jonsey's eat bar wedding pictures

Cassi & Cameron’s Wedding at Jonesy’s Bar in Denver, Colorado

Cassi is the rare bride that refuses to look at wedding magazines & Cameron is the rare groom that wears jeans on his wedding day!  And I was the rare photographer that fit there “non-wedding” wedding day needs.  Cassi & Cameron first met at the bar next door to Jonesy’s, the Horseshoe, and living in the neighborhood it has become a second home to them.  They love Jonesy’s so much they even included on my shot list “a picture with the owners.”   So it made sense to have their wedding day at Jonesy’s Eat Bar and share that part of their lives with their extended family & friends who came in from all over the country.

On the wedding day I met Cassi & Cameron at their apartment a few blocks away.  We did a super quick photo walk towards the Benedict Fountain Park where the family was lined up for “Operation Happy Snap.”  I should have known then the military influence when I saw how organized & on time everyone was.  I think I may have set a time record for formals!  We then went inside for a very short but very sweet ceremony followed by heart-warming toasts full of military praise.  The party continued with incredible food, silly dancing, & a warm vibe; as friends & family from all over the country met & re-united.  Before the wedding was even over I heard numerous comments about how relaxed, fun, & different their wedding was and I couldn’t agree more.  These cool cats for sure had a wedding to remember!

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