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Engagement Contest Winners’ Photo Shoot in Wash Park – Denver, CO

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Love in the Rain - Wash Park Denver, CO

Love in the Rain - Wash Park Denver, CO

Rain or shine, the show must go on!

Katrina & Tim won an engagement session with me from the Botanical Gardens Wedding Showcase I participated in last summer. We had to wait quite some time for Tim to finish school & move down to Colorado, and then we had to postpone our first scheduled photo shoot because of torrential showers. We almost thought we were going to have to postpone again when we found out last minute that their was a huge concert at Red Rocks where we had planned to do the shoot, and the sky was looking grim….but not wanting to have to put off this long awaited photo session any longer we decided to take our chances with the weather and go to WashingtonPark in central Denver. We played on the playground, talked a lot about the sexual reproduction of insects (Katrina just got back from doing intense research on caterpillars up North), and then…..well, we got some rain anyway! Thankfully I was prepared with a matching umbrella & rain protection for my gear. Katrina & Tim even happily climbed some trees to stay dry from the rain, and we ended the shoot with some of my favorite shots under the umbrella right before the torrential rains came in, and my husband called to warn me of tornadoes! Luckily we all made it home safe, my equipment didn’t suffer any casualties, and we’ve got some great fun shots to show for it!

P.S.  The next Botanical Gardens Bridal show will be Friday Sept.16, 2011 and is sure to be great once again!  This time I will be there helping out at “The Wedding Connectors” booth.  If you have not heard yet of TWC, check it out!  We are a group made up of some of the most talented wedding vendors in Colorado and offer a great recourse for brides!  You can check out the website or our new Facebook page specifically made for brides.

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