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Jeremie & Jonathan’s Wedding in New Orleans – Picture Preview

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

gay wedding reception at House of Blues in New Orleans

wedding reception at House of Blues in New Orleans

Jeremie & Jonathan recently celebrated their love with a beautiful ceremony at  the Metropolitan Community Church followed by a reception at the House of Blues in the French Quarter. We started with pictures of the wedding party in front of the church on Carrollton St., and we got even got lucky enough to have a streetcar stop for us to take some pictures in front of it.  I loved their pastor’s English accent & how he focused his sermon on how normal a gay union is, perhaps not popular, but certainly just as normal as any two people sharing their love & lives together.  Throughout history gays have always been a part of reality, and always will be, its just unfortunate government & religion has not always recognized it.  It was great to see that Jeremie & Jonathan’s wedding was certainly full of lots of family & friends celebrating their love & bond. After the wedding everyone jumped on a bus to the House of Blues downtown.  Everyone danced & partied into the night with the awesome band, The Bucktown All Stars.  Their cake & custom designed Mardi Gras beads were a perfect match to the antique New Orleans decor of the House of Blues.  And the HOB’s motto, “unity in diversity” couldn’t have fit better.  Thanks Jeremie & Jonathan for allowing me to be a part of your special event!  Check out just a few of the shots from the wedding day below, much more to come!

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