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Wedding Picture Preview – Kelly & Chris City Park & Patois Restaurant in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

City Park wedding pictures

City Park wedding

Patois restaurant wedding

Patois restaurant wedding

Last week Kelly & Chris held a beautiful intimate wedding ceremony at the City Park Peristyle in New Orleans, Louisiana. We were blessed with perfect fall weather & a Saints win to start the day. Chris & Kelly did a “first sight” by the water, which is where I set up the bride & groom in a picturesque setting and they get to see each other all dressed up for the first time. This new tradition allows the bride and groom to not have to hide from each other till the ceremony, and allows me to still capture the moment on camera. You could definitely tell from the picture how excited Chris was to see Kelly all dressed up in such a stunning wedding dress. I found out at one of our consultations that Chris proposed to Kelly in Storyland, so I got permission in advance from the staff to allow the wedding party in for a few pictures.   We replayed the proposal by Cinderella’s pumpkin where the magic first happened and then as we walked out we got lots of gawks and squeals from little kids who must have thought the bride was Cinderella herself.

After walking around City Park for pictures with the wedding party, it was time for the ceremony.  We all took our places under the historic peristyle as the sun set down over the ceremony.  From there the bride and groom where whisked away in a beautiful antique Rolls Royce.  The reception was held at Patois Restaurant, a quaint sophisticated French restaurant uptown in New Orleans.  It was a fun relaxing  reception where the bride and groom surpassed the traditional dances and wedding flair for a more simple party atmosphere with good music, food, and friends.   The couple’s simple green style was represented in their arrangements & tree seeds as favors.   The live music for the ceremony & reception provided by the Courtyard Kings was a perfect touch and the food at Patois was overwhelmingly good!   The night was topped off with some funny & embarrassing toasts, and amazing cake.  It was hard for Chris & Kelly to leave when their limo arrived.  But with a honeymoon to Italy waiting for them they eventually said their good byes and took off for the next chapter in their lives.

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