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A New Orleans Marriage Proposal – 2nd Line Style

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Marriage Proposal in New Orleans

Marriage Proposal in New Orleans

I photograph a lot of weddings, but its rare for me to actually get to document the beginning of a couple’s engagement – the actual proposal.  And this marriage proposal certainly topped the charts! Jeff and Amy are from New York and were planning a vacation in New Orleans , the future groom-to-be, came up with the perfect unique idea to propose to Amy on their trip.  Jeff hired Second Line Weddings and Events to come up with a scheme that involved having her husband, and partner in crime, pretend to be a college friend meeting the couple at Cafe du Monde, the famous cafe au lait & beignet stop in the French Quarter.  I hid behind the Cafe du Monde green draped wall until Katie, from Second Line Events, came by pretending to be doing a random 2nd line parade to help market the Baby Boyz Brass Band.  Kaite got the couple and everyone around, to join in on the parade.  So I pretended myself to be a camera happy tourist that joined the parade just for fun.  It was difficult trying to catch candid pictures of the couple dancing without my lens aimed at them raising any suspension….the last thing I wanted to do was ruin the surprise.  So I kept a safe distance and tried to make it look like I was taking pictures of everyone and everything.  The band led the crowd through the French Quarter, around Jackson Square, and then up to the Riverwalk.  Once they walked a ways down the Riverwalk the brass band slowed down their tempo and that is when Jeff got down on one knee and made his move!  The crowd circled around to watch and everyone started cheering & clapping.  It was truly magical to witness such a romantic moment, I even had to keep from tearing up myself.  We then headed back to where everything started, at Cafe du Monde, and I took a few quick portraits of the couple with their new diamond ring.  It was so romantic and a fantastic idea for a surprise proposal!  Hit play on the picture below to watch a mini-music video I put together of some of my favorite pictures (and I recommend hitting the bottom right button to view full screen).  Congratulations Jeff & Amy, I hope to see you again for a wedding in New Orleans!!

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